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CrazyWoodElf / Cwelfin

CrazyWoodElf (now operating under the username ‘Cwelfin’) is a British Lemon Demon enthusiast, and the Illemonati’s resident Roddy McDowall fanatic. She has no idea how to edit this page, or make it look half decent, but she’s doing the best she can.

About Cwelf

While trying to describe herself, this is the best that Cwelf could come up with:

” I’m a partially bisexual spiritualist bookworm with a fascination for the mind, and a small obsession with Roddy McDowall. I eat my toast crusts first, I write haikus and make paper cups when I’m bored. I have a strong identification with the 1990s animated version of Batman’s Mad Hatter villain (who was voiced by Roddy McDowall). I have a complete fetish for jackets of almost any kind, and my favourite colour is purple. ”

Cwelfin wishes she knew how to make this page a little snazzier.

Roddy McDowall

Aside from Lemon Demon, Cwelf’s main obsession is for the late, great Mr Roddy McDowall. He starred in over one hundred films, many of them integral parts of cinema history. Once Cwelf figures out how to work this bloody thing, she might post a picture or two of the man.

Here are a few of the films Roddy McDowall has been in:

  • A Bug’s Life
  • Cleopatra
  • Fright Night
  • Lord Love a Duck
  • That Darn Cat!
  • The Planet of The Apes series
  • The Poseidon Adventure

Testimonials, Please?

— Cwelf is one of the badassidest chicks around. She totally wins points for just existing. Oh, and me=definitely Discordian =D -Kage

— You win at life! ^_^ -Mindy!

— Quelf. Proving you don’t need magical cheese powers to be an awesome person. —Magic Cheese Man 04:20, 4 July 2007 (EDT)

—U Rock! And I am on a Testimonial Spree! YAY ME! But this testimonial is about your awesomeness and your wit and your youness.SickPuppy

— Darnit! You responded to quite a few of my game posts! Good job, sport! Roonil Wazlib

— Another testi because you make me happy. :) YES YOU DO, BECAUSE YOU ARE VERY NICE AND AMAZING AND I THINK EVERYONE IN THE WORLD SHOULD JUST HUG YOU. *hugs* Oh, snapz. ~Minnndddyyyy

— One of the loveliest people around. Deserves a lot of hugs. (And that’s not the wishy-washy meaning of “a lot.”) Lorna

—Who could deny someone whose name is “Cwelfin”? Um, not me! That’s who! Sparkly Eggs