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The Making Of "Neil talks in his sleep"

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The Making Of "Neil talks in his sleep"
Cinema Rocketry
March 29, 2010


(Neil is lying down next to a bed and a control panel of some sort.)
Neil: Hey there! It’s me! Neil! You may have seen my most recent video, Neil Talks in his Sleep.
(Some clips from Neil Talks in his Sleep are shown as Neil speaks.)
Neil: In it, I talk in my sleep, and I even puppeteer in my sleep!
(Back to Neil)
Neil: It’s very funny, and very strange. Now, many of you brilliant, brilliant snowflakes on YouTube-
(A very large list of YouTube comments scrolls by, all of them proclaiming the video fake, and many simply saying “fake and gay.”)
Neil: -Have pointed out that this video is not real.
(Back to Neil.)
Neil: You’re absolutely, 100% correct! It was done with special effects, and I’m gonna show you how it was done. (Gesturing to console) With the magic of special effects!
(Image of a clock reading 11: 37 PM.)
Neil: Now first of all, the digital clock that’s shown early in the video was digitally altered, to show a later time than it actually was when we filmed.
(The clock’s time is erased, and a fancy animation demonstrates how the new time, 3: 38 AM, is superimposed on the image. Back to Neil.)
Neil: This was done through the power of CGI. Which stands for “computer generated imagery.” Look it up!
(Camera angle changes to reveal that, while Neil is on the floor, a second Neil appears to be sleeping in the bed.)
Neil: Now here’s how we did the most impressive effect of all: Neil talking in his sleep. In this case, “Neil” is actually an advanced animatronic puppet that we had specially made for us by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. With just the flick of a button, we can make Neil, oh, move his head.
(Neil turns a knob on the console. Robo-Neil moves his head to the sides and back.)
Neil: Or we could make him lift one arm…
(Neil turns a knob. Robo-Neil lifts an arm.)
Neil: …Lift both arms…
(Neil turns another knob. Robo-Neil puts the other arm up.)
Neil: …Or put them back down again!
(Neil turns both knobs again. Robo-Neil lowers his arms.)
Neil: We can even make him… talk! Say hello, Neil!
(Neil turns a knob.)
Robo-Neil: (in a garbled voice) Hello, Neil.
(Back to just Neil.)
Neil: Amazing, isn’t it? Now, as realistic as this puppet is, it can never replace a real human being. After all, it can’t think for itself, it can’t-
(The camera shifts to Robo-Neil’s face. Neil’s voice is slightly altered and speaks slower.)
Neil: -dream. It cannot love.
(Robo-Neil sheds a tear.)
Neil: It can do none of the things that make we humans… human.
(Back to Neil and normality.)
Neil: Anyway, join me next week! I’ll show you how Ryan Murphy was transformed, through the power of makeup, into Ming Doyle!
(Image of Ryan as a hobo from The Magic of Generosity and an image of Ming appear side by side, captioned “before” and “after.”)
(Neil smiles at the camera.)