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Damn Skippy

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Damn Skippy
Album cover
Album by Lemon Demon
Released:March 21, 2005
Audio Length:1:00:57, 1:22:24 (with bonus tracks)
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Hip to the Javabean (2004) Damn Skippy (2005) Dinosaurchestra (2006)

Damn Skippy is Lemon Demon’s fourth album. It was the first to include a commentary and is the only one with preripped MP3s without transitions in the data track.

In April 2009, Neil offered this album for download.

Track listing

  1. Dead Sea Monkeys
  2. Sky Is Not Blue
  3. Pumpkin Pie
  4. When Robots Attack
  5. Geeks in Love
  6. New Way Out
  7. What Will Happen Will Happen
  8. Kitten Is Angry
  9. The Ceiling
  10. Subtle Oddities
  11. Gonna Dig Up Alec Guinness
  12. Flamingo Legs
  13. Ode to Crayola
  14. Rainwater
  15. Smell Like a Cookie All Day
  16. Dizziful Bliss
  17. Word Disassociation
  18. Eventuality

Bonus tracks

  1. Bicycle Race
  2. Fuzzy
  3. March of the Living Figments
  4. Mothers All Over the World
  5. Mr. Porta-Potty Man
  6. Musical Chairs (Alternate version)
  7. Pirate in a Box
  8. Subtle Oddities (Cheesy synth mix)

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