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Lemon Demon
Live from the Haunted Candle Shop


Once upon a time in a warehouse near a Mississippi ravine,
There was a Theodore Roosevelt statue made of solid aquamarine.
I have hollowed out quite a comfy living space inside of his head,
They still don’t know I’m making the noise,
They think it’s Teddy’s spirit instead.

Here we go, oh no, top layer of cheese.
Oh no, big hornets and bees
Speaking Japanese.

I’m on fire, I’m on a grenade,
Going faster than the Christmas Day parade.
Without a doubt, and by far,
The greatest way to travel ain’t by car.
A E, I owe you sometimes, why? (Why not?)
Why not? You know me.
I like to disagree.

Once upon a time in Morocco, aliens came out of the sky.
They said they wanted chocolate coins, they would not tell the president why.
People gathered what they could and they put it all inside the alien craft,
But it was not enough for the aliens so they killed everybody and laughed.

Spring water, natural flavors,
Pyridoxine hydrochloride,
Citric acid, malic acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate,
And cyanocobalamin, yeah.

I’m on fire, I’m on a big train,
Going faster than Stephen Hawking’s brain.
There is no way I can win.
I won’t give up and that’s my only sin.
A E, I owe you sometimes, why?
Why not? You know why.
You know why.

So row your boat down the stream,
You know life is but a dream.
You may sense a running theme,
But it’s never what it seems to seem to be.
Or it’s not,
It’s exactly what you thought,
But by then you had forgotten
The reason you were on that stupid yacht.

(Chocolate coins, chocolate coins…)